Enjoy overnight stays in our brand new tipi lodges that can accommodate up to 5. Our tipi village is also available – perfect for a more land-based, cultural experience.

Explore new areas just 45 minutes north of Saskatoon! Experience outdoor adventure and Indigenous culture when you visit our new expansive trail systems.

Come and find exciting activities for every season.

Make bannock on a stick over a fire while learning about Nehiyaw culture within our community.

Enjoy a fun, laughter-filled learning experience when you get here.

7 Ways to Connect With the Earth to Improve Your Wellbeing

We all know life can be busy and overwhelming. This means that finding time for yourself should become a top priority. Care for your body, mind and soul by getting outside and soaking in the revitalizing benefits that nature has to offer.

Get to Know Trembling Aspen: 6 Interesting Facts About This “Ordinary” Tree

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Pemiska: Enhancing Indigenous Tourism Experiences in Saskatchewan

Indigenous tourism in Saskatchewan, and Canada as a whole, has generally been underrepresented and underdeveloped. Though in recent years, it’s clear there’s been a higher demand for Indigenous-based attractions and people are more interested than ever to take part.

What is Indigenous Tourism?

The Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) defines two types of Indigenous based tourism:

Pemiska: What Does It Mean?

Pêmiska is a Cree word. In English, it means “come and find it.” Choosing a Cree word for the name celebrates and honours Cree language and culture, providing an opportunity for tour operators and community members alike to educate visitors on its meaning and impact.

A Beginner’s Guide to Pemiska Tourism

Never been to Beardy’s before? No problem. We’ll be here to help you when you arrive. But in the meantime, here’s a quick guide to help plan your Pemiska vacation.

Pemiska Tourism Logo

Pêmiska is a Cree word; in English, it means “come and find it.”

We’re proud to welcome visitors to our land and show the world our history and culture. Pêmiska Tourism will help define what Indigenous tourism can offer.