We all know life can be busy and overwhelming. This means that finding time for yourself should become a top priority. Care for your body, mind and soul by getting outside and soaking in the revitalizing benefits that nature has to offer.

Here are 7 simple things you can incorporate into your life to connect with the earth:

1. Feel the sun on your face

Take up some vitamin D and reset your internal clock by allowing the morning sun to energize you after waking.

2. Walk barefoot

Take off your shoes and socks and let yourself feel the powerful effects of the earth’s healing energies.

3. Get quiet and listen

What sounds can you hear? Can you identify any birds that are singing? Are dogs barking? Become present by tuning in to what is happening around you.

4. Feel comfortable in the dark of night

Sit outside in the pitch black of night and bring your attention inwards. Feel safe within by letting your eyes adjust to the low light levels and relaxing your entire body.

5. Take deep breaths

Stress or anxiety can often be remedied by taking several intentional deep breaths. Feel the amplified effects when this is done outside.

6. Play

Get unstuck from the worries of everyday life. Go outside without an agenda, move your body and wonder at the world around you. Laugh and smile with friends, family, or even just to yourself.

7. Take a nap outside

Who doesn’t love a good nap? Find a few minutes to lay on the grass, a hammock, or anywhere you can find to get cozy and close your eyes for a quick 15 minute shut-eye.