The Food


You are where you eat.

The smells, the tastes and the people we share it with are what ties us to the land and each other. Whether you need a ready-to-go lunch for hitting the trails or a ready-to-cook meal at the campground – a customizable box full of locally grown and harvested foods can be delivered right to your lodge, tent or tipi door. Savour the moment and your surroundings.

Come on out and dive into some of our favourite culinary delights! We have all sorts of ways for you to enjoy our delicacies – over open fires or plate service while watching a cultural demonstration – give us a shout to find out what works best for you.
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Take home a piece of our heart and history.

Our Indigenous pop-up markets host local artisans who delight in creating authentic pieces crafted in a variety of mediums. Artwork is a gesture of friendship and warmth and lets you learn about the cultural significance behind each piece from the artists themselves.


Our voice is made up of verbal, written, and visual languages

We invite you to hear our voice, and to take part in the conversation. Gain a wider perspective of the history of the land and its people. Pemiska’s home is surrounded by a vast majority of historical and need to visit places. Find inner reconciliation at the site of St. Michael’s Residential School, where the school itself is no more, but the whispers of what was still holds heavy in the air.

Our Guides, educators, and story tellers are here to guide you along your tour….

Our historians, educators, and storytellers are here to guide you through 6 historic stops along the tour:

  • Duck Lake Regional Interpretive Centre
  • St. Michael’s Residential School
  • Beardys & Okemasis’ Indian Agent’s House
  • The Battle of Duck Lake Monument (located in Beardys & Okemasis’)
  • The signing place of Treaty 6 (The Titanic)
  • Fort Carlton
Come Find It. – Hear our stories, meet the peoples of this beautiful land and learn about the culture and history through Pemiska Tourism!


Curious about our Celebrations and Ceremonies?

Come with an open heart! We know our culture, stories, and people are often viewed from the lens of colonialism, we want to bridge that gap between Indigenous peoples and tourists by inviting you to visit us. If you’re looking to be immersed in authentic culture from ceremonies to pow wows to good ol’ hockey games, it is a lively place at Beardys & Okemasis’. Check in with us often for our list of ongoing events.