Indigenous tourism in Saskatchewan, and Canada as a whole, has generally been underrepresented and underdeveloped. Though in recent years, it’s clear there’s been a higher demand for Indigenous-based attractions and people are more interested than ever to take part.

Pemiska is primed and ready to fulfill these unique demands by offering:

  • High-end camping experiences featuring tipi lodges
  • Interactive trail systems and guided outings
  • Cultural experiences including dramatic re-enactments and traditional storytelling
  • Traditional food, drink and locally produced artwork

The development of Pemiska Tourism was based on the Cree Nation’s respect for the land, economy, cultural past, and the future of the people. Community members were engaged in creating the tourism plan; their core values helped to build the foundation and guide the entire process.

Pemiska Tourism also provides an opportunity to build a sustainable economy for Beardy’s, one that is culturally, environmentally and socially appropriate as well as economically sound.