The Fort
Night Skies


Guided Tours: where you’ll discover what’s within you, and what’s around you!

Be ready to hone the senses while you’re here and get to know all our relations – the flying ones, the four-legged ones, and all the medicines and plants. For the guided tours, choose from walking, biking, and quadding.

  • Afternoon tour of Duck Lake and Beardy’s & Okemasis
  • Day tour of Duck Lake, Beardy’s & Okemasis, and Fort Carlton
  • Weekend tour including historic points, cultural options, and adventure components

Create your own path:
Tailor an itinerary to your needs

Your options are plenty and we’ll be rigged up and ready for when you arrive!” For all you outdoorsy types, here’s how you can explore every season:

• Summer

Hike, Bike, Quad (guided tours only), Canoe, Kayak.

• Spring

Hike, Bike, Quad (guided tours only), Canoe, Kayak
(Water melt pending.)

• Fall

Hike, Bike, Quad (guided tours only), Canoe, Kayak
(only until weather hold up)

• Winter

Quad with snow tracks (guided tours only), Snowshoeing, Cross-country Skiing.

We are excited to show our visitors the beauty of the land around us and to share some of our favourite things to do throughout the year. Contact us to book an excursion or to hear what is available to do.
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The history linking Beardy’s & Okemasis’ Cree Nation and Fort Carlton is much longer than the distance between them.

Prior to the signing of Treaty 6 and the Resistance of 1885, the Fort was a bustling hub of economic opportunity for Indigenous peoples and settlers alike. Learn about this past, while experiencing new opportunities and adventures with Pemiska Tourism at Fort Carlton!

Embark on a Journey along
our New trail system.

The Trans Canada Trail is a shining example of connection on a massive scale with over 24,000km of dedicated trail networks that stretch all over turtle Island. We’re thrilled to finally offer you a piece of the trail, that is filled with Heart and History from the Pemiska Perspective, Together and with nature we are all about kinship.

Have something in mind that you want to do? Contact us and we can make arrangements!
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See the stars from an Indigenous viewpoint.

Many of us may look up at the night sky and think of stories we may have learned from a friend or family member, while others may look up at the sky and see Orion, Corona Borealis and The Big Dipper. When you stay with us, look up and let your mind wander and be guided by the stars, to create your own stories.